Full-Windsor - Official Trailer

World Premiere @ Montreal World Film Festival 2014 - Student Films First Prize Nominee
Urbanworld Film Festival 2014 - Grand Jury Prize Nominee
Chicago International Film Festival 2014 - Gold Hugo Nominee
Tallgrass Film Festival 2014 - Best Short Film Nominee
Austin Film Festival 2014 - Student Short Film Award Nominee
Anchorage International Film Festival 2014 - Best Super Short Film Nominee
Cleveland International Film Festival 2015 - Best Live Action Short Film Nominee
Vail Film Festival 2015 - Best Student Film Nominee
Athens International Film Festival 2015 - Narrative Film Award Nominee
Sarasota Film Festival 2015 - Excellence in Student Filmmaking Nominee
Maryland Film Festival 2015 - Best Short Film Nominee
Seattle International Film Festival 2015 - Short Film Award Nominee
Los Angeles Film Festival 2015
St. Cloud Film Festival 2015


A 10 year old boy battles his mother in order to wear his father's tie to school.
Directed by Faraday Okoro
Starring Dejon Brooks and Carolyn Michelle Smith


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